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Dry Riser Testing in the UK

A dry riser is a fire safety system that is found in most tall buildings throughout the UK. The purpose of a dry riser is to provide the fire brigade a means of pumping water into an inlet at the front of a building so that firefighters can enter a building and have a water supply at any floor in order to fight a fire. It’s very important that you maintain such systems correctly, with such services carried out by a dry riser testing company.

Fire Service Training in the UK

Nowadays, with the overabundance of household appliances that can, at any point, malfunction, the threat of fire is at its greatest. To combat that everlasting threat, people go through long, rigorous training that encompasses everything from physical endurance and agility to knowledge about the specifics and dangers of fires. In this article, we will answer the main questions connected to fire marshal training and provide you with all the information you might need.

What is fire  training?

Fire wardens, or commonly known as firefighters, are people who undergo special training that prepares them to combat fire. Before anyone can be counted as an active-duty firefighter, he needs to go through at least 600 hours of training that spans over 14 weeks. The training can be considered as a full-time job because the workload during the teaching weeks is immense—for example, 48 a week.

The field of firefighting is very competitive. Literally, thousands of applicants in the UK apply each year, only a few of whom are accepted into the training program. Fire warden training, similar to police officer training, focuses on improving the recruits’ physical and mental conditioning, so that they can cope with the strain they would be experiencing as active fire wardens. It is common knowledge that fire warden training is one of the toughest training programs out there because, after it, the recruits would be responsible for the lives of others.

What does the training include?

Fire warden training in the United Kingdom aims to improve a whole spectrum of fire safety skills in the new recruits so that they are fully prepared for their future job. The training can be considered similar to the job of an active fire warden as the main aspects are incorporated into the training weeks.

Fire warden recruits go through many lectures that introduce them to everything there is to know about fire. They are taught how to combat it under different environmental conditions, safety requirements, specifics of extinguisher liquids and their uses, etc. The information they cover will later be part of their final exam.

The recruits go through physical training to ensure that they can cope with the physical strain of the job. They are required to be able to do a plethora of tasks. The areas that are mainly focused are agility, upper body strength and endurance. As for exercises, the candidates are required to run up and down stairs, climb a fully erect ladders, lift heavy bags and equipment, climb ropes, etc.

The final area that is targeted is developing the skill set needed by a fire warden. The recruits go through tasks that strengthen teamwork, spatial awareness, the ability to keep a clear mind in a stressful situation, etc. In addition, they are required to be able to put the theory they have learned into practice without lowering their efficiency or breaking ranks.

Why is it important?

As mentioned previously, the threat of fire is always present, and society needs competent and skilled people who are able to protect them at all times. Only well-trained and expert fire wardens can carry out proper pre-emptive measures, act efficiently while in the face of danger, and safely put out fire, if there is any. More importantly, this training provides the fire wardens with the skill set they need to be able to carry out their demanding job as effectively and quickly as possible so as not to endanger property or even lifes.

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